Deerview Condiments & Seasonings

4oz Jars

Condiments of the Chef


Beer Mustard (M) -  Made using Beer from 'The Long Man Brewery'
Herb Mustard (M) -  A great mix of herbs makes this perfect for Welsh Rarebit or Beef Wellington!
Olde Country Mustard (M)-  Classic English Mustard!
Fiery Mustard (M)-  Hot Mustard but warned!


Bramley Apple Sauce -  The perfect companion to pork!
Cranberry Sauce with Port -  Not just for Turkey at Christmas....try with chicken, bacon or cheese!
Hot Horseradish (G) - A Horseradish paste, mix with mayo or creme fraiche to make you own Horseradish Sauce
Mint Sauce (G) -  Perfect with Lamb!

BBQ Seasoning -  The perfect mix of herbs & spices for your BBQ or even Chilli con Carne
Beef Seasoning (M) -   Beef is delicious, use our seasoning for a little extra flavour!
Chicken Seasoning -  This is perfect for Chicken, or try using on Roast Potatoes or even in a pasta!
Lamb Seasoning -  blended to compliment the flavour of lamb.
Jerk Seasoning -  Jamaican flavours blended in Sussex....great with lamb or chicken!
Pork Seasoning -  add a little spice to your pork dishes.

All the flavours abvove are available all year round.
Allergens - Some of our products do contain allergens and all our products are made in the same kitchen where allergen foods are used.  
We take every precaution to avoid cross contamination.
Next to each flavour we have marked which ones contain allergens and which they have in them.  Gluten (G) Mustard (M) Celery (C)