Deerview Marmalades

Marvelous Marmalades

Lime - The refreshing hit of lime is perfect for breakfast!
Lemon & Lime -  The right balance of Lemons & Limes, give both tastes in each mouthful!
Seville Orange -  Classic Flavour!
St Clements -  Oranges & Lemons say the bells of St Clements!
Orange & Ginger -  Stem Ginger, Ground Ginger & Seville Oranges...perfect!
Three Fruit -  Seville Oranges, Grapefruits & Lemons....what more can we say!
Whisky  (G) - Seville Oranges and half a litre of Whisky......smooth! 

All the flavours above are available all year round.

Allergens - Some of our products do contain allergens and all our products are made in the same kitchen where allergen foods are used.  
We take every precaution to avoid cross contamination.
Next to each flavour we have marked which ones contain allergens and which they have in them.  Gluten (G) Mustard (M) Celery (C)